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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Money Online through Blogging

Have you thought of making money online but doesn’t know what and where to start? Or you already have an idea of a certain topic that you wanted to have for your website but doesn’t know how to create a website? These are just some of the common problems that a lot of people are facing today that wanted to start an income through online. If you consider yourself having problems similar to these I have mentioned, then you probably wanted to read this article. In this very first step you should consider choosing a certain topic that you think it is profitable or that is a trending issue that is something related to business or any money-making matters. “AND THEN, JUST HOLD THAT IDEA FIRST, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE.” – If not, continue reading below.

How to Choose a Profitable Topic

In these very initial steps of making money online business campaign, I suggest you to stay focused and understand all the important details prior to starting to create your own niche topic for your website. Having a better understanding on this very initial steps of making money online can help you plan your overall campaign and consider some steps that you may want to prepare in order for you to prevent future issues that you can consider along the process of your campaign.
A profitable topic is one that has a great deal of demand (searches) and minimal supply (existing sites). And one way to determine how profitable a topic is to start with the search engines. Search engines such as and are one of the great resources to look for a good topic for you to use in your website in making money online. These search engines that I have just mentioned are one of the few that a lot of people are using. With these search engines, you could get an idea on what topic is a good to start in our website since a lot of people are using these for their everyday online business ventures. I assume that you already have your own profitable topic chosen and now, JUST HOLD THAT IDEA FIRST but not your breathe, just continue reading below.

Making the Plans: The Foundation

Blogging Tutorial

So before you jump in with your “great idea” you need to stop and think about how people are going to find your site. They don’t just stumble upon websites because they are on the Internet. They find them through things like search, social media and word of mouth. This is very important to consider because if your website has no or a few visitors only, then you would not be making money online with your blog. Making money over the internet with your website/blog, requires a lot of visitors or visits in order for you to generate an income through ads or online selling. Your visitors or readers are considered as the heart and soul of your website as they are the reasons why you are making money online. Now the question is, how to generate a lot of traffic going to your website? Or how can you direct those readers/readers going to your website?

Choosing a topic for your website is not that really hard. What makes it challenging is how to create a vast number of traffic going to your website. If you can figure out how to generate great number of visitors to your website, then that is the time that you can decide which topic are you going to use for your website niche. You need to find a way and establish a funnel of traffic to your site first, in order you can decide for the best topic for your website and not the other way around.
Mostly this is the main reason why a lot of people failed with their making money online campaign even if they already have all the resources needed for hosting a website. They choose a topic for their website and without any considerations and plans they just wrote whatever contents for their website and then at the later part, they just don’t know what to do next. They didn’t have a plan or direction for their website and that makes them to fail.

It’s like a ship that has no direction which eventually sinks in the middle of the ocean. A great waste of resources that you have spent. This includes time, money and energy!

Now let me ask you, was the topic you have been holding awhile ago is still that topic you may want to use for your campaign? If you’re wondering why I let you choose a topic first and then let you find a way how to create a traffic to your website, it is because this is the most common issue that most people failed with their campaign.