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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Google's Ranking Factors in 2015: Latest Updates Expected

Google Ranking Tips for 2015

What to Expect in 2015 with Google's Ranking Factors

To achieve the objectives we wanted to understand on the potential insights that we could expect on Google's ranking factors and its possible updates on 2015, we will recap a little history from its previous updates; how and why they constantly developed their technology as well as their algorithms to rank webpages based from the claimed factors they use to measure tons of metric data quantity.

Since from the start, Google has been providing great quality user-experience to us through network technology services/products, which they continually developing (from time to time) to enhance greater and better quality user-experience as possible we could imagine. That would be the most intuitive explanation I could provide to the question “Why?” and that we all know that Google is true.

As to the question “How they developed their algorithms and its factors they used to measure tons of metric data values in ranking webpages” is something that would be very broad or uncertain to explain. Though I heard a lot of SEO experts claiming to have great explanations or methods to get your website ranked on Google with better search results but everything is just a theory. I never heard Google officially released any methods on how their algorithm works.

Though, there were some legitimate confirmations from Google and Bing revealing some pieces of critical information on how to get a positive ranking results through social media websites. That was on the year of late 2010 when humors started that social media websites were given importance as one of their ranking factors in calculating domain and authority values of a website.
As to this certain topic area which commonly known as the SEO field area of expertise, I would firmly say there’s no definite factors or any measuring tool we could use to provide a concrete explanation or proof on “how to get great ranking results in Google” basing from any SEO Experts. Everything is a theory and it is just a matter of how closely related is your observation theory from the CURRENT Google’s algorithmic behavior at that moment.
Based from the history of Google algorithm changes we could formulate or predict its future updates which would closely related on how its crawler bots behaves. Analyzing the data and think like a crawler bot could be the best key to become successful in your SEO campaign. Also, from that given data, every SEO expert could say that Google is not trying to suppress business owners by dropping down their website rankings but to eliminate the spamming issues and other black hat methods which gave Google some severe headaches trying to fix their data servers and hindering them to provide better quality services to their users.

From there, we can now see the positive aspect of constant changes or updates from Google and its ranking factors. To summarize all its algorithm change history from the negative ranking factors going to the latest update, Google is now focusing on the data field segmentation  and collecting each data to be stored in the database in proper field format. This means, not only spammers are being eliminated but also to separate the legitimate users from the ghost or unverified users.

This method which commonly known as the Local SEO approach where legitimate businesses on a certain local will be given priority on Google's Search Ranking Results. As of now they are already collecting data and other related stuff as for their preparation to the new update. I'll provide certain overview of the details with this new update not sure when, but within this month. Just had some very busy weeks at work due to this preparation updates. There are some businesses in the US that are already anticipating this update and performing advance steps to get ahead with their competitors already when this update will be implemented. 

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